Following the Trip

Here we are, ready to unleash one more release crafted for you in the far east of Japan and served to the whole world by Reversible Records. Following the trip is a three-track EP by Groovebox, a multifaceted artist who has extensively contributed to the international psytrance scene since 2014. Risen and grown up in the well-known Grasshopper Records, Tulio joined Reversible Records last year, and “Following the Trip” is his first contribution to our discography. A journey exploring the possibilities and varieties in music production and consumption—music represents the trip itself, being the artist and the shaper of different universes for the listener. The engine is on thanks to the fun melodies and the hypnotic riff of Manipulation Acid. Special effects will take you to Another Trip, an aggressive production with a smashing kick and bass. The last step on our trip, titled Sweet Baby Jesus, is a groovy, full-on track featuring a wise selection of acid sounds, smoothly escalating and then descending in order to accompany you to the end of the session. Follow the music and enjoy the ride!

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